Sunday, September 15, 2013

Quick and Dirty Chaos Objective Markers

So I had a tournament that required 6 objective markers, but I didn't have any.  I wanted something better than poker chips, and it needed to match my army, which if you haven't guessed is Chaos.  Chaos Space Marines with Chaos Daemon allies to be precise (on a side not, why is it Codex: Chaos Daemons?  Outside the Eldar Avatar I can't think of any daemons that are not Chaos).  First let's look at the materials.

We are looking at some milliput/epoxy/green stuff, 40mm bases (any bases are fine, but the TO asked for them to be on 40mm bases), some cork (I bought these coasters from an Ikea as they were cheap and a good source of cork), and I had a Chaos Vehicle sprue with the 6 different icons.  You could use any icons or bits you want.

First I broke the cork into pieces.  I used a base to size the cork pieces to make sure it was proportioned correctly.

I repeated this until I had 6 different cork pieces.

I then mixed some epoxy and began attaching the cork to the base.  Once on I would smooth the epoxy so it was flush with the cork and base.  After doing a couple I decided to add a pin to help secure them.  

This is a piece of wire, you could use a spare coat hanger or paper clips.  The wire should slip into the cork pretty easily, but a drill can be used to create a hole.  The pic above shows the pin, bent, and attached to the base with epoxy.  I am about to impale a piece of cork on the pin.

Repeat this process until you have all the objective markers you need.

Then glue the icons and bits and whatever else you'd like to the cork.  You could base now before painting.  I did not to keep my basing consistent amongst my army.

Here is a pic after they received a splash of paint.  

This wasn't so much a painting tutorial, but a quick run down of the painting is as follows.  Prime black, spray Vallejo Game Color Cold Grey, spray VGC Stonewall Grey from a high angle, spray the icon and the area around it with color of your choice, paint base, and lastly added my basing material.  Again, this was a quick and dirty job, and the painting could definitely be refined and improved upon, but this was my last minute solution.

This tutorial could be used for Orks as well.  The other armies are a bit more civilized, and not so primal, and would require a more refined shape than jagged rock/concrete.

That's it for now, hope you've enjoyed the first Crisp Mini tutorial.

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  1. wow this is really a good idea! To bad you dont get as much iconography from the daemon kits.. I might take a look at ebay and steal this idea :D