Sunday, August 24, 2014

Shaltari Tribe Blackfoot

Finally finished my initial 1500 point list of Shaltari for Hawk Wargames Dropzone Commander.  This has been the only game I play this year.  Since the Shaltari are named after tribes I knew I wanted mine to be mostly a leather-like khaki with turquoise.  I also did not want to use metallic paints.  This is the scheme I came up with.

As far as the Blackfoot tribe themselves, they are a bit odd among Shaltari, as Shaltari are quite proud and typically use bright bold colors.  The UCM designated this tribe Blackfoot due to the black petals their ships have, but as time went on this name only became more fitting.  The Blackfoot enjoy war and will war with and against anyone, including other Shaltari Tribes.  There has even been reports where they appear to fight among themselves.

some 15mm Historicals

I finished these a week ago, but have just been busy.  Models painted to different standards.  Some 28mm Crossbow men, 15mm Celts, 15mm Palmyran, including Queen Zenobia. The models that are based were samples submitted by the client for me to match.