Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Broadsides

The new plastic Tau Broadside kits are great, and a vast improvement over the original mixed plastic and metal kits.  They also give you the parts you need to magnetize all the options.  The, now named, heavy rail rifle across the front is great, but I seem to remember seeing this as a conversion.  Sadly, I doubt he'll get the credit due for his original idea (if i'm remembering correctly).  I also had a 2nd riptide, this one was preassembled and was put together pretty solid.


  1. Saw this from Faeit, I really like that you've gone for a 'different' tau color scheme, works well and is really striking.

    1. Thanks! These Tau have received a lot of praise for the color scheme and my client loves them. I'm expecting more from him in the future.