Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dropzone Commander LZ is Hot! Rule

I want to encourage Hawk Wargames' Dropzone Commander, and decided to do some videos on some rules that I see misplayed, or in this case, forgotten completely.

First, here is a video I explain it in, but if you get paid to read blogs, but not watch videos, then scroll on past and I will hash it out in text.

Dropships are an important element of Dropzone Commander (gee, go figure).  The pilots of the dropships are highly skilled and brave, however they are not suicidal.  To represent this fact Hawk has given us the "LZ is Hot" rule (p.44).

To drop troops and vehicles off, and pick them up, in DZC, the dropship must be able to land.  All dropships have a LZ stat that indicates which template to use to measure this.  This LZ must be clear of all units, except those being dropped off/picked up.

The "LZ is hot" rule prevents a player from landing if enemy infantry or vehicles are within 3" of the edge of the template, and have line of sight to the dropship.  Remember to measure edge of the template to the center of the enemy infantry base or vehicle in question.  Enemy infantry allocated to fire from a wall of a garrisoned building will also deny a dropship from landing, as long as they can draw line of sight from that wall.

That is it.  A simple rule, but one that is easily forgotten, especially when you just start getting into the swing of DZC.  Thanks for reading and look forward to more of these videos and write-ups.


  1. Interesting. I didn't know you had to measure 3" from the template out. It might help to have larger templates that take the extra inches into account.

    1. Thanks for the response

      I find the easiest way to do this is to measure the radius of the template and add 3". Then use measure this distance from the stem of the dropship. if you don't have templates, they are in the back of the rule book and can be printed off HWG site here: