Sunday, December 22, 2013

Heldrake conversion

My brother gifted me a Heldrake kit for my birthday a month ago, and I wanted to make sure I had it ready when I see him around Christmas.  I already have on drake built standard, so I wanted to do a conversion.  I bought some Lizardman Carnosaur parts (head, spine, and tail) to help make this more drake like.  The rest of the back I sculpted in w/ Milliput.  Also added some exhaust pipes to the back and sides. 

WIP of the back
 For the wings, my original inspiration was a TIE interceptor.

At first I was like...
As I played with them it changed to more of a barn swallow.  All the wings and legs are magnetized for ease of travel. 

but then I was like...
For colors, I knew I didn't want a black or red Heldrake.  Nor a golden yellow, as that is the 3rd color of my Chaos army.  I decided to desaturate the electric blue I use as contrast in my army to get a color closer to that of actual fighter jets.

This is a pre-possession pic of my Heldrake
The rest of my color choices fell into place from there.


extra exhaust pipes and some lite OSL

Dead Ultramarines help tie this back into my army.
Lastly, a friend asked me to make an objective marker, shield generator, type thing a while ago, which I've been working on slowly between projects.  Not sure if he wants me to base it or if he would prefer to, so you may see another pic of this based in the future.


  1. Awesome!
    If I've one criticism, and it's just a personal opinion, I wouldn't have added the gun in it's mouth.

    1. Completely understand where you are coming from, I had the same debate internally. My first drake is magnetized and I was going to do the same w/ this one, but then thought I have one magnetized... will I ever need 2 w/ the cannon? I didn't magnetize it but kept the weapon in. I'm sure GW will make me regret this decision in time...