Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kill Team: 1st game

So I finally got around to playing some of the new Kill Team last night and took notes and photos to do a few BatReps.  I will do reflection on Kill Team in a separate post.  W/o further delay, this is our first game.

Chaos took 10 cultists (9 with autoguns), Spawn of Nurgle, 5 CSM (Plasma gun, Gift on Champ)
Specialist: Plasma Gun has Ignore Cover, CSM model w/ chainaxe has infiltrate, CSM model w/ choppa has Feel no Pain
Leader rolled trait that allows him a specialist rule and I took Shred

Space Marines took 5 assault marines (flamer, rhino, sgt. has lightning claw), and 5 tactical marines (plasma gun)
Specialist: Flamer has rending, Plasma has Feel no Pain, assault marine model w/ sword has furious charge
Leader rolled trait that Seizes on a a 4+

Night fight first turn, Supply Drop mission (6 obj, but only one is the real one).   Here is deployment:


No Seize from the marines, so I move and check 3 objectives in and close to my deployment zone (my infiltrator set up on the 3rd).  I find the objective in the center of my deployment zone.

Found the supplies in the Chaos deployment zone
My Plasma gunner moves up and shoots his rhino, blowing it sky high.  First Blood!  No cover is dirty.  My other marines use their boltguns to down the flamer, his leader, and an assault marine.

Heavy casualties
With the objective discovered in the Chaos deployment zone, the marines have little option but to advance.  Unfortunately, they are unable to return the favor and Chaos begins turn 2 having taken no return causalities.

All forward!
I move up to engage in a fire fight with the remains of the Marine kill team.  One of my cultist takes the marine plasma gunner out w/ his autogun, and a Chaos Marine kills a Tac Marine w/ his bolter.  The spawn advanced but failed a long charge.

Chaos takes firing positions while the spawn divides their line
The Marines have to take break tests and 3 fail, but luckily we remembered that ATSKNF lets them reroll and they all decide to stick around.  He bolters down 2 cultists.  2 assault marines then assault the spawn, each doing a wound!  The spawn does none in return.

Exchange of fire

Marines coming into their own in combat
Chaos turn 3 saw lots of nothing.  No wounds from shooting or combat.  The highlight was my Cultist Champ making his charge against a Tac Marine, and then not dying immediately.

Battle rages on.

Cultists Chump? I ain't no chump!
Tac Marine downs a Chaos Marine w/ bolter fire.  The spawn, with his mighty 1 attack, takes one of the marines down (I rolled 1 for his number of attacks all game).

Chaos shoots another Marine and the Aspiring Champ (leader) charges to help the Cultist Champ.  The Marine and Chaos Leader kill each other before the Cultist Champ swings.

The last marine falls to the spawn, as the spawn remembered how to fight and rolled 5 attacks.

End of game

Game ended in 4 turns, score was 3-1 Chaos (leader, first blood, break test VS leader).  I forgot and moved away from the objective so I did not score for that.  Plasma gunner was hands down the deadliest man of the match, taking out the rhino for first blood, and then downing another 2 marines later in the game.

MVP: Plasma gun that ignores cover

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