Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kill Team: 2nd Game

Game number two!  Here are the lists:

Chaos took 5 chosen.  Auto Cannon, 2 Plasma Guns, in Rhino w/ Havoc Launcher.
Specialist: Master Crafted Auto Cannon, Plasma gun (w/ horns) has Preferred Enemy, Plasma gun has Feel no Pain.
Leader: Outflank for 5 models (I do not outflank and deploy all in rhino)

Marines have 6 Sternguard, 1 Meltagun, and an attack bike with multi-melta.
Specialists: Attack Bike has splitfire, Melta has stealth, Stern guard (w/ sword) has Feel no Pain
Leader: Also has outflank for 5 models (his melta and FnP stern guard outflank)

No Night Fight and Head Hunt mission (leaders worth more, specialists also worth a point)


Chaos goes first and hangs back to utilize the range of the Autocannon and Havoc Launcher.  The Havoc puts a wound on the Attack Bike.

Marines advance as fast as possible and taking cover.

Marines advance on the Chaos Rhino
Chaos scoots back a bit and shoots again, but is unsuccessful.

The Melta marine outflanks next to the Chaos rhino and the Attack Bike moves up into long melta distance.  And they both miss... I'm sure everyone reading could of predicted that after reading the lists.

I've got you now!

Miss and Miss
Chaos deploys a plasma gunner, a chosen, and chosen champ (leader).  The Chaos kill team is able to take down the Melta and Attack Bike, removing the threat from the Marines.

Marine turn 3 and Chaos turn 4 saw advancing and shooting, but no casualties.  In Marine turn 4, a Sternguard lines up an AP3 shot on the Chaos leader, but he hits the deck and saved on a 6.

The rest of the game is a bunch of shooting.  Marine passes break tests on 5.  Havoc Launcher takes his leader out in 6, but the Marines take out the Chaos leader w/ an AP3 round (doesn't get lucky again).  Finally, in turn 7, the Autocannon drops the last marine.

Final score was 8-4 Chaos (First Blood, Leader, 3 specialists, and break tests VS Leader and 1 specialist)

After this game we started using the random game length as called for in the missions.  There was never a turn limit previously in Kill Team, plus the games go so fast, that we forgot.  Even if it had ended on 5, Chaos would still have won.

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