Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kill Team: 3rd Game

Game 3, Secure the High Ground (get models on the central hill to score points)

Chaos took 16 Cultists, 1 with heavy stubber, 13 with autoguns
3 Spawn of Nurgle
Specialists: Heavy Stubber Rends, one autogun has poison 4+, and another is fearless
Leader is a specialists too, gains Stealth

Marines took 2 Tac squads of 6, one with Lascannon, other with Heavy Bolter.
Specialists: Heavy Bolter is Relentless, Lascannon is master crafted, and model with sword has Feel no Pain
Leader has extended command range


So my buddy finally had first turn... Seize! So Chaos to act first again.  I advance with the spawn up the left, my heavy stubber is hiding by the piece of aegis wall, and the rest of the cultists advance behind the wall (though a couple are having too much fun in the swamp and keep wallowing about).  The heavy stubber sprays at the lascannon in the forest and gets a rending wound on him.  The cover save is failed and he gets me first blood (this heavy stubber was uncanny, the first 3 turns he would hit w/ all 3 shots).

Cultist taking the initiative? HERESY
Marines advance and shoot at the fast approaching spawn, managing to put 2 wounds on the blue one.

Chaos advances with cultists, the real action is the spawn, but no action this turn.

Marines are spraying bolters at the spawn.  The wounded spawn is killed in combat, as is the Marine Heavy Bolter.  I stopped taking careful notes as the spawn were just too tough for the marines to down (T6 meant they needed 6's to wound).  

The rest of the pictures tell the story.  One spawn goes on to kill his leader.  At one point one spawn has 8 attacks, hits once, and doesn't wound).  The cultists eventually get on the hill and start shooting at the marines not in combat.  

Chaos wins by a lot.  Chaos scored all secondaries and they also get a point for every model on the hill, feel free to count it up.

After the game and a short break, I realized that the Marine player should of been using his krak grenades to wound the spawn, rather than his bolters.  We will be playing again, and I plan to run another list that utilizes spawn of nurgle to see how they fair when they are taking krak 'nades to the face.

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