Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kill Team reflections

This is a follow up after the games I played last night, I wrote up some Batreps of those here:

My buddy and I played a couple more games, but we were drinking and I was tired of taking notes and photos between turns.  His luck did change and his legion of the damn beat up a noise marine list we put together.

That is one thing we both really enjoyed. You can quickly put together a new list on the fly, assuming you have a 40k army.  Even if you run the same list, changing your specialists can change the way you play the list.

I really like the way specialists are selected.  You get 3 specialists and they each select a different category.  From that category they may select a special rule.  It's pretty open, but w/ the categories that the rules are broken into, there is a bit of thinking.  It also balances as there are good rules for any list from multiple categories, but not allowing a list to take rules from the same categories keeps things from becoming over the top.  Maybe sometime I'll experiment with removing that restriction, but the other part of me shudders thinking of some of the possibilities from other armies

There are two major things you have to think about when designing a kill team.  First, be sure you will have something to deal with a vehicle and/or a high toughness multi-wound model.  Second, having something that is long range is well worth it.  As you saw in the games I posted, this can create a one-sided fight quickly.  The last key to victory is playing to the mission.

We played 5 of the 6 missions, and we will being playing more later today.  The missions have been different and fun.  Keeping your eye on the prize is paramount to victory, as it always is in these games we play.  "How am I trying to score more than my opponent?" "How is my opponent trying to score more than me?" are important questions to keep in mind while playing.  The objectives have not been redundant at all.  The mission we have yet to try is Infiltrate the Camp, which is the only attacker/defender mission and involves the attacker getting models across the table and off the board.

Kill Team is awesome.  It's refreshing to play a handful of small games, because there are less rules to remember.  You can quickly put a new list together so each game is different.  My buddy and I had a new list every game and we were only prepared to play 3.  There is a lot of potential in this for small tournaments and small scale missions for campaigns.  We also think we will use this to help teach our friend, and possibly his young son.  The only complaint we came up with is the loss of the experience and leveling system that previous incarnations of Kill Team had.  This is a small complaint as you could easily adopt the old system or create your own.  I will be back with some more tomorrow hopefully.

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